The Department of Education at the University of Saint Francis offers bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and licensing programs that will prepare you to effectively engage with diverse learners. You will learn through a wide variety of opportunities, including clinically based endeavors, formal interviews, field work in public and parochial school settings, service learning projects and informational seminars.

These experiences allow you to develop and refine your knowledge and skills in curriculum design, instructional strategies, observation and assessment, communication, collaboration, technology and positive classroom management. Upon completion of your selected program, you will be able to work successfully with any child as a licensed educator.

Department Theme

Educators facilitating and advancing learning in a diverse, ever-changing society.

Scholarships and Grants

Visit the USF Scholarships & Grants Webpage for additional information on scholarships and/or grants that you may be eligible to apply for.

Benefits of Studying Education at USF

  • USF offers undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • We emphasize becoming “complete teachers.”
  • We build community service into the coursework.
  • We maximize learning for schoolchildren.

Programs for Every Level

If you are a high school student hoping to inspire learning in an elementary or secondary school setting, USF will help you achieve your goals. USF offers undergraduate majors in Elementary Education (K-6), Special Education (P-12), and Visual Arts Education (P-12). Beginning your freshman year, you will observe real classroom settings and work with dedicated professors and veteran teachers who will show you how to overcome classroom challenges and meet your professional goals.

If you currently have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and would like to move your career to the next stage, we have the perfect program for you, too! USF’s master’s degree, teacher licensure and continuing education or license renewal programs make returning to school a realistic option. Courses are held online with optional on-site collaboration with highly qualified faculty. USF makes it possible for you to advance your career while you continue to work and balance other responsibilities.

The USF Difference

As you begin to learn, play and work with students and faculty in small classes and student organizations, such as Educators in Action, you will become part of the secure, supportive community that makes USF so unique. Even if you attend USF as an online graduate student, you will easily recognize that your professors genuinely care about your success. In addition to providing you with confidence and a solid foundation of knowledge, USF’s Department of Education is accredited nationally and in the state of Indiana. So, whether you choose to teach close to home, across the country or around the globe, you will be a qualified educator upon graduation.

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Students involved in a backpack project for a high poverty rural school in Alabama