Purpose Statement

The theme of the Department of Education at the University of Saint Francis is

“Educators facilitating and advancing learning in a diverse, ever-changing society.”

This theme expresses the program’s overarching purpose to develop scholarly, technologically skilled, accomplished, empathetic educators who maintain a stable sense of self in a constantly changing and multifaceted world. The Department of Education envisions the educator as one who places the student at the center of the educational process, strives to assist students in achieving standards of excellence and is committed to enabling students to realize their talents to the fullest.

As educators, teacher candidates strive to be independent thinkers who live responsibly in an interdependent world. USF’s Department of Education endeavors to train candidates who blend the most current research-based pedagogical practices with time-honored educational principles. The ultimate outcome of programs is the preparation of educators who can demonstrate the dispositional, skill-oriented and knowledge-based performances synonymous with quality professional educators.

In keeping with our Franciscan values, the Department of Education requires teacher candidates to serve others in the local and global communities. Numerous opportunities exist for candidates to involve themselves in civic engagement endeavors. These activities include work with the homeless and immigrant populations, literacy outreach and environmental initiatives.